• $678m funding injection to get more works underway on Outback Way

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$678m funding injection to get more works underway on Outback Way

With plans of providing upgrades on Australia’s longest shortcut, the Federal Government is said to invest an additional $678 million.

Some parts in Queensland and Western Australia are still unsealed and are substandard, and they funding commitment is said to seal these remaining sections.

They plan for a strong economy across Queensland, the Northern Territory and Western Australia.

Their investment locks in a pipeline of works that will drive investment in regional Australia and boost economies from Winton to Laverton.

Sealing the entire 2,720 kilometers of Outback Way will slash travel times for freight and tourists while providing residents along the route improvised access to supplies.

The upgrades are anticipated to support up to 2,197 jobs and will spark new opportunities for industries along the route.

Outback Way is a vital piece of national transport infrastructure that supports regional economies and connects them to the rest of Australia.

Sealing and upgrading Outback Way will reduce the long and unreliable travel times that freight and motorists experience along sections of the route.

Bringing more tourists, improving connections between people, jobs and services, and goods with market; The upgrades will also drive economic growth in remote communities.

Western Queensland mining and agriculture businesses will also benefit from this significant investment from the Federal Government with $41.5 million to go towards the progressive sealing of the remaining unsealed sections of Donohue Highway.

By improving access to goods and services and increased employment opportunities, particularly for Indigenous communities, a sealed route will also deliver social benefits.

The funding from the Australian Government represents 80 per cent of the total funding for the upgrades, with the remaining 20 per cent to be provided by the state and territory governments.


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Date of Publication: 22 February, 2022

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