• Optus Stadium viewing platform: ‘Ring Pull’ to add serious wow factor

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Optus Stadium viewing platform: ‘Ring Pull’ to add serious wow factor

The 42m-high viewing platform that resembles a giant beer can ring pull is expected to open on the roof of the Optus Stadium before the scheduled 2022 AFL season.

The announcement of the $7 million all-abilities attraction already has some wags giving Perth’s world-class stadium the nickname of the “tinnie”.

The platform, which is located on the western side of the stadium,  will project about 5m beyond the edge of the rood and give tour groups uninterrupted city-wide views.

Safety harness is required for all the guests while on the roof above the field of play, however, they are allowed to walk freely throughout the rest of the experience.

The more adventurous participants can also lean out from a rail-less platform towards the playing field. A new lift set is being constructed which will soon allow guests on wheelchair to enjoy the platform.

Tickets will cost $109 for adults and $66 for children. Prices will be higher for match days and special events. The rooftop walk will be open all year round and not just during stadium events.

Sports Minister Tony Buti states that the Optus Stadium roof walk would rival Kalbarri’s new skywalk for WA’s best view and create the best rooftop viewing experience in the world. The rooftop viewing platform is designed to give a 360 degree view experience of Perth.


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Date of Publication: 03 August, 2021


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